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It’s the big question; ‘What makes an online business successful?’. Unfortunately there is no one-fits-all answer. There are, however, a number of best practices that can boost the sales of any online store. These are applicable to all those who sell online, Amazon FBA sellers, Dropshipping stores, Shopify Sellers, Private label sellers and anyone who is in the online business and ecommerce field.

Thanks to Amazon, shopify and dropshipping, Ecommerce is a booming industry. The market is full of online stores for every industry and niche you could imagine. While this is great for Ecommerce as a whole, it does mean that stores have to find a way to stand out in the crowd, and break away from the competition.

Here are the 4 best practices that any Ecommerce store can implement, in order to boost sales.

1 – Make Your Store More Transparent

Unless you are a well-established brand and business, the majority of your customers will not know anything about you. Weighing up whether they can trust you, or not, plays a huge part in the decision making process when it comes to purchasing your product. It is down to you to prove to your audience that you are professional, high-quality and trustworthy.

Here are a few suggestions of how to enforce this feeling of trust; display trust badges, show off positive press coverage, detail reviews and testimonials and make contact numbers and emails readily available.

2 – Have FAQ’s That Are Genuinely Helpful

As staff aren’t available to answer customer questions directly, you need to provide the next best thing. FAQ pages are a great way to persuade any customers that may be on the fence, that they should in fact buy your product. The key is to appear as open and transparent as possible, as well as answering the questions they will actually have.

From return policies, to shipping dates, to manufacturing – make sure you cover as much as possible, in as much detail as possible. And if you want to go one step further, you could even add a live chat support option, which can help you close sales immediately.

3 – Making Searching Your Store As Easy As Possible

It might sound obvious at first, but the easiest way to boost sales is to make your products easy to find. Your search options should consist of two elements – a navigation bar or drop down menu, and a search bar. Both of these should be obvious to the eye on your webpage, and as user friendly as possible.

Around 30% of customers use a search bar as their first option on an online store. These customers are also 50% more likely to convert than others. So it is imperative that you double check your search function is working accurately.

4 – Write Compelling and Accurate Product Descriptions.

Good product description copy can make or break any online store. Focus on writing descriptions that are compelling, informative, accurate and high in SEO. The best tip is to focus on telling a story about your product that addresses any pain points your audience may have.

According to Amazon, on average only 18% of product viewing time is spent looking at images, that means the rest is focused on reading about the product. If your copy isn’t up to scratch, potential customers are likely to find one of your competitors instead.


If you’re into Dropshipping, Amazon FBA, Private Label, sell on Shopify or sell anywhere online, make sure to take into account the 4 key points above in your 2020 business strategy.

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