One of the options that you have with your Shopify store is the ability to use drop shipping companies to sell products. This works very much in the same way as the Amazon affiliate program. You list products on your website and you do the promotion, and when someone buys one of those products you get a cut but you don’t actually have to do any of the fulfillments because it is all taken care of by the drop shipping company. So, how do you configure Shopify to use drop shipping and is it a profitable venture?

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is when a company like yours purchases a product from a company that will then ship the product to the customer. Your company doesn’t actually buy the product until the customer buys it from you. This makes for lower overhead and removes the need to warehouse and ship products. However, the disadvantage of drop shipping, is that you aren’t able to mark up the product very much before customers decide that they don’t want to buy from you because your prices are too high.

What Drop Shipping is offered through Shopify?

One of the drop shipping options offered through Shopify is Amazon itself. Amazon has a long history of allowing people to make a profit from selling their products on your website. This is a great deal because Amazon has amazing customer service and as a vendor that is selling their products you’ll benefit from that customer service reputation as well. Amazon is definitely the biggest drop shipping company that is offered as part of the Shopify platform as well as the most reliable.


Shipwire is another drop shipping service that is integrated into Shopify. Shipwire allows you to store and ship your products from their warehouses that are located all over the world, specifically: the United States, Australia, China and the United Kingdom.


Rakuten, which was previously called Webgistix, is the other drop shipping platform that is integrated into Shopify. They have a good reputation and quite a few shipping options which is great if you want to offer your customers the widest choice available of shipping. They have a reputation for delivering items fast and keeping up with modern technology, which you can integrate into your store. They also have great customer service according to the people that have reviewed them online.

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