One of the things that are going to help you sell more products on Shopify is if you have good reviews. Your customers are gone want to know what other customers think of the products that you have for sale. Some people are afraid of negative reviews and they don’t enable their product reviews at all. Still others don’t even know that they have the capability of having product reviews enabled on their Shopify site. But there are some pretty compelling reasons that you should add product reviews.

They Influence Customer Options

The bottom line is, product reviews influence customer opinions. More than half of the people that buy products online read the customer reviews before they decide to part with their money. For these people, whether the positive reviews outweigh the negative ones is the determining factor of whether or not they’re going to buy.

Reviews Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Have you heard the Hollywood axiom that bad press is still press? Whether people are leaving good reviews or bad reviews on your products you are still getting reviewed and this will bring in visitors. Some companies even purposely spark controversy so that they can get traffic coming in.

Reviews Improve SEO

When it comes to search engine optimization, reviews are some of the best tools that you could have to improve your search engine rankings. That’s because reviews contain words and when you have more words on your site you rank for more keywords. In this way, even bad reviews are good for you once again; the more reviews that you have on your products the bigger the increase in traffic that you’ll get.

Reviews Show You’re Legitimate

Another thing that reviews do for your business is show that you are legitimate. With all of the scams that are online these days, people are wary about buying from sites that they haven’t heard of or haven’t purchased anything from before. You can combat this to a certain extent by using trust symbols and using Shopify’s own payment gateways so that people can know that their information is secure. However, that doesn’t tell them if they’re going to receive their product nor does it give them any information about what kind of shipping you do or what condition the product might be in when it gets there, as well as customer service experiences.

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